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Association: - Schlüpfrigkeit, - Glitschigkeit. Question: - What would like I to release from the state of the rigid being? At which place do I wish more freedom of movement?

In general:

It is important which kind of oil it concerns in the dream. Salad oil often symbolises this remove from frictions or means to connect different substances. Massage oil refers to care and spoiling. Machine oil emphasises the ability of the dreaming to hold the things in the running. Oil can stand for spiritual strength and energy: The burning oil points after old dream books to rest and satisfaction. If one drinks oil, the dislike indicates against a person or a matter. If one tips out oil, this can ask to calm down again and to avoid interpersonal frictions.


Who pours oil on his wounds in the dream or feels it doing good on the skin, can follow in the awake life peacefully his work and forget everything what maybe stormed at him: besides, the look is directed in the future in which one can go well smeared. If oil with bright flame burns, joy is by view, - the flame is sooty, there is frustration. The dreaming recognises that he only makes headway in a certain situation if he 'smears' them and which with her concerned people. Besides, he must realise that bribery is the wrong means. Other ways are conceivable. The oil track on the street, on the water among other things: Warning signal, environmental problems in the actual or in the symbolic sense, pollution.


At the spiritual level oil stands in the dream for inauguration and devotion. The oil (lubrication) also symbolises the mind of God and the spiritual strength going out from him.


The drinking of oil indicates poisoning or illness.



  • It promises luck and good relations,
  • drink good vegetable oil: Friends pave your ways, - also: one tells flatteries for you and should watch out to big trustfulness towards a not frank person, - also: take pleasure to the best health,
  • find oil: big wealth is to be expected,
  • see burning: Joy, luck and satisfaction, - also: may be glad about an unexpected profit,
  • see bad vegetable oil, or drink: Illness and frustration,
  • pour with it: you should rather be quiet and turn back, before it comes to the disaster,
  • bury: one pursues you, - business failures, - you will lose something precious,
  • with it poured over become: a disagreeable experience,
  • rub: Health and long life in satisfaction,
  • collect: good shops,
  • see hit or hitting: you will have various challenges,
  • shop: one will succeed at difficult negotiations,
  • oil something: you take to heart more the old experience that one comes with politeness lighter through the life.

(European ones).:

  • one wants rest and peace, cannot get this, however,
  • see: if a quiet life tells for the next time in, - also: By a business one wants to conclude, there are heels. Therefore, one checks the thing thoroughly and pulls up an adviser.
  • large amounts: stand for profits with pleasant enterprises,
  • work with it: one will remove an annoying obstacle,
  • drink: somebody will give to one in spite of big charm to aversion, - one takes pleasure to the best health,
  • burning with flames without smoke see: meant a valuable present or other allowances by which the life is steered for the next time in quiet, peaceful and happy roads,
  • burning with strong production of smoke: Rest and peace will be strongly disturbed by a special event,
  • shop: meant a profit,
  • bury: a time of full incommodities is to be overcome,
  • pour out: one tries to offer no attack region to an opponent, or an opponent to slip to bring,
  • oil: announced events in which one is the propelling strength,
  • oil something (smudge): one should remember that one comes with politeness lighter through the life,
  • sweet oil: signals that one must allow to treat himself in a difficult situation anything but obliging,
  • this means
  • Dreaming a man of the business with oil, a fruitless dear life, because he must make unusual concessions.
  • Dreaming a woman to be rubbed with oil then she will be open for indiscreet approaches.
(See also fire, flame, wound)

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