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Association: - Susceptibility. Question: For which am I open? What am I ready to hear?

In general:

The dreaming gives a big attention to his feelings, he is very sensitive for them. Ear stands sometimes for erotic needs. According to the accompanying circumstances in the dreams one can still recognise the following meaning in it:
  • ear see sometimes warns about defamation of character.
  • big ear admonishes to hear more on others, or announces that one will bump with a concern into open ears.
  • ear can clean to the care and bright bondage in a certain matter request.
  • congested ear announces that one will suffer a wrong.
  • in the ear can be pulled at a promise remind to which one must keep.


The female symbol and the Durchbohrung of the earlobes could point to the defloration. However, the dreaming can also be very receptively for Einflüsterungen by other people. Or is it possibly the opposite, are you closed, so that the dream admonishes to give more 'ear' to some problems and people? If one feels pulled in the dream in the earlobe, the unconscious probably wants to draw the attention to a person or a matter in the everyday life which one should follow more. Who cleans his ears in the dream, should free itself in the awake life from certain prejudices.


More than two ears is to be had for that by good premeaning, the people wants to agree who will obey him, e.g., a woman, children or house slaves. It means to an empire a good reputation if the ears well formed, a bad one if they are deformed and incomparably big the dream face is Badly for a slave and a going to court, for the plaintiff, for the defendant. It means to the slave, he will still have to obey long time, to the other, it threatens him, if he appears as a plaintiff, a cross action, - is he, however, the defendant, will be raised apart from the already known charges even next against him, - it says him as it were, he needs even more ears. It brings to a craftsman luck, - he will get to hear many orders from customers. The opposite of the discussed ones on top means in every single case the loss the of course grown ears. If one cleans himself the ears of dirt or pus, one has news from from somewhere to gewärtigen, bad against it if one is pulled with the ears. Ants in the ears creep, bring only to sophist luck, - the ants resemble because the young people who come to the lessons. The dream experience announces the death all remaining people, - then the ants are children of the earth and disappear in the earth. I know somebody to whom it dreamt, wheat ears would have grown from his ears and he catches the falling out punches with both hands. He got the news that he has been used to the heir of his away from home late brother. The ears meant the inheritance, the ears the brother because they are fraternized as it were. Dog's-ears is to be had only for philosophers by good premeaning because the donkey immediately does not hear on the first best one. It indicates the remaining person slavery and a miserable life. (Literally: 'because a donkey moves his ears not fast', gives way i.e. only after thorough consideration.) one looks to himself with the ears of a lion, Wolf, panther or another predator, indicates at libellous posters. Accordingly one must find with the remaining animals to her qualities according to the interpretation. To have ears in the eyes, loss of sight registers and that the vision will be substituted with the hearing strength.


In the antiquity the ear was valid as a seat of the memory.



  • Dreaming one, his ears have become nicer and bigger, he will find in his friend who owns his trust to big fallen.
  • Decorating he to itself against his habit with drop earrings, he will equip a member or intimate friend on other people costs richly, however - he normally dresses up with such, he will do it from own pocket.
  • Imagining one, his ear would be slit, wounded or struck by a suffering, he will be deeply hurt by a member or intimate friend.
  • the persons concerned him from her friendship will exclude
  • Being to him an ear completely been beaten off.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, his ears are blocked, he will reject the petitions of his subjects brusquely and not hear her wishes. A my husband will not hold his assent and cheat his people, a Mrs. Unzucht do, do not submit and appear as cheeky.
  • see in a person especially striking: one will soon become the victim of a bad epilogue, - also: one watches out for the participation in Klatschereien,
  • nicely formed ones own: Satisfaction attain,
  • big ones: Stupidities commit and become through this the ridicule of the people,
  • colossally big ones: one should watch out for curiosity or bad advice of foreign people,
  • in the dream particularly emphasised ones: loss threatens by defamation of character,
  • small ones: distinguish themselves by modesty,
  • wash: your Zuvorkommendheit willbe well taken up,
  • wounded: a painful experience make,
  • earache has: one should take before competitor and opponents in eight,

(European ones).:

  • falls under the erotic zones,
  • see one: To respect admonition, on what is told about itself, because one will find out then something important,
  • see: a bad and scheming person pursues the enterprises to damage to one,
  • many see: one should not take part in the gossip of other people,
  • see somebody with big ears: a request will succeed,
  • nice or big ones have: registers that you will find many good friends, - promises a lot of joy,
  • difficulties with them have: bad sign, - difficulties of unexpected side,
  • badly hear: Disputes with the family approach,
  • have congested or linked ones or be deaf: the trust sedate in a person is abused,
  • wash, clean: in a thing one will have entitled mistrust,
  • are pulled at it: one is reminded of a made promise,
  • pull themselves somebody at it: one will suffer grief by the lapse of a dear person,
  • talk to deaf ears: if means non-fulfilment of a wish or a request, or failing of a plan or an intention,
  • dog's-ears see: a warning before a stupidity which one just would like to commit.


  • long: wrong defamation of character,
  • wash: your marriage will bring you advantages, - you make yourself popular,
  • blocks: you will have to suffer wrong,
  • many: Restlessness in your surroundings,
  • are pulled at it: you will come to dependence,
  • mutilated: Grief,
  • dog's-ears have: you will commit imprudent actions,
  • reach themselves for it: you have forgotten a duty,
  • hineinsprechen: you will get to know ear blower,
  • wounded: a friend deceives you,
  • nice and big ones: one of your friends will have big luck.
  • the women, sisters or daughters mean
  • The ears, however, the hearing is a symbol of the faith.
  • Dreaming one, his ears have become wonderful and big, he will experience in his sisters or daughters joy.
  • The loss of an ear indicates the death of daughter, woman or sister.
  • the ears which had become smaller slit, or have shrunk prophesy to the woman, sister or daughter a protracted illness.
  • Dreaming one, he has lost his hearing, he will hard sin and fall ill emotionally.
  • becoming deaf
  • Being he only on an ear, the illness will be more mild.
(See also 'body')

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