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Faint / become unconscious

In general:

Something happens without our adding: If one himself becomes unconscious in the dream, one can be possibly glad about a present, maybe even on an inheritance or an unexpected declaration of love. Fall other in faint, the unconscious draws the attention of us to the people in our environment who want to toady in a little bit ungainly-confidential manner with us.


Faint can appear with circulatory problems body-partly in the dream. However, often she symbolises helplessness or lacking own responsibility. This must be interpreted with the help of the individual living conditions. If one more often dreams of fainting fits, one feels psychically totally overtaxed and plays also in reality (sometimes) with the thought 'to flee in an illness' to be left alone, finally, once.



  • become: an illness strikes you suddenly, - also: perhaps, big property loss or a personal defeat, - (31, - 41)
  • unconscious see: you will be arranged to a help.

(European ones).:

  • prophesies illness in the family and joyless news of absentees,
  • fall in one: have either a very strong love affair, or a tip to a personal defeat which will also rob of the strength, - one: favorable fate chances which promise an inheritance or other allowance,
  • to one
  • be unconscious: if a present or an inheritance,
  • promises
  • somebody see falling in faint: one will be borrowed by somebody, - also: unbecoming for the single, - wealth and prospering for married,
  • see somebody in faint: one will render to you a good service,
  • Becoming a young woman unconsciously, her bad health and bitter disappointments approach because of her excessive life.


  • be: you make an astonishing inheritance,
  • unconscious see: about fraud would be warned.
(See also deception)

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