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In general:

Officer stands for self-restraint and self-control, - either one should take care more of it, or not keep excessively under control.


A woman those dreams of an officer, longs for the fact that an existing respect becomes official. Possibly she suffers from not being married yet. Or she wishes to legalise an illegitimate relation.



  • be: defeat your haughty thoughts, they restrain your advancement,
  • see: you will deal in a higher office.

(European ones).:

  • announces honour or a good position, - a happy marriage or shops with high profit,
  • see: one will get to know a lady, - also: protect your tongue and is also careful with the written word, - important events require the attention,
  • see an air-force officer: soon undertake a trip or in close future get visit,
  • even an air-force officer be: one will take over a leading position,
  • If a woman dreams an officer of having married, the realisation around will be so dissatisfactorier, the higher the rank of the dream person is.


  • see: your marriage will be clouded for days,
  • be: you strive in vain for honour.
(See the also 'military')

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