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In general:

If a member of the authority plays a role in the dream, this often produces a connection between the dreaming and his father. The authority's person shows that the dreaming longs for a person who says him what he should do, and which takes over the control of his life.


Authority's people in the dream reflect the kind as the dreaming presents himself outwardly. They can also be the part of itself which knows best of all which decisions like are to be made. Maybe, nevertheless, does not keep itself deliberate, everyday Even of the dreaming to this internal authority.


At this level spiritual authority is often shown with a member of the authority, for example, by a judge.



  • deal with it: Reconciliation with an enemy,
  • see: you will find justice.

(European ones).:

  • see: if order brings in the house and arrangement in the quarrel,
  • deal with her: one will need money.


  • speak with it: you will be reconciled with your relatives or friends again.
(See also 'authority's people' among 'people')

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