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In general:

Oblate can announce good news. If one eats them, it is interpreted in terms of medicament.


An Oblate exists of a very thin rolled out dough and, hence, is very breakable. In dreams she can stand for something which breaks easily and must be treated, hence, carefully. To several very thin situations of an Oblate are a symbol for the complexity. The dreaming must understand the different levels of his life to master it successfully. If an Oblate is consumed in the dream, this is a tip to concern the life differently. To be successful in relations, the dreaming should maybe take a rather sober and middle-class position.


As a host the body of Christ. The bread of the life.



  • eat in general: desired news get which is more pleasing, the more nicely the colour,
  • see as a host: you were not long any more in the church, however, it would be good for you,
  • eat as a host: a higher religious aim is longed.

(European ones).:

  • announce a pleasant secret or a message, - a fatherly friend will give soon an important advice which one should on no account ignore,
  • see or eat: meant a correspondence, - good news will soon arrive,
  • see a host in the church or eat: Signs for internal stop, higher aims and spiritual guidance.


  • seal with it: Greeting in connection with good news from a distance,
  • eat: you will have to go to the doctor, - illness.

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