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Thigh stands for internal hold, realism, strength and security with which one masters the life well.


The thighs mean on the whole the same like the pubic limbs, only they are, protects become, to the empires according to experience from bad premeaning. Mostly they mean big expenditures for the dear joys, better said, not to issues, but losses.



  • Dreaming one, his thighs have been amputated, he will be punished his life long and be laughed by all because that whose thighs are amputated ridiculously is mutilated and drags itself along only laboriously.
  • of A woman prophesies the face Witwenschaft and the loss of her children.
  • each promise
  • of collisions and strong thighs successful putting through of his plans, - then the thighs are strong, one can run so much the better.
  • injuring
  • Having to himself one in the thighs, he will come not to the aim of his efforts, but with obstacles and Widerwärtigkeiten have to fight.

(European ones).:

  • smooth and white ones have: count on luck and joy,
  • injured: point to illness and betrayal,
  • this adventurousness promises
  • admired a young woman her thighs. She should act deliberately.


    the blood relations mean each
  • The thighs.
  • Dreaming one, one has amputated to him both thighs, he will leave die away from home.
  • taking
  • Having one to him a thigh, he will end with some lonely away from home his life.
  • Seeming it a woman, you have been amputated the thighs, she will hang to herself on a foreign man and alienate her relative in the native country to herself totally, - a pauper will die an agonising death.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, his thighs have become bulging and longer, he will take in his courtiers, his troops and farm-hands pleasure, - then towards the emperor one may not say 'your relatives', but 'your farm-hands' because him the imperial dignity is lent by God. If a my husband this face looks, will attain his related respect, and he will sun himself in her shine. A woman will be really proud of her children.
(See also 'body', 'pubic limbs')

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