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On top

Association: - Peak point, - resolution, - perfection. Question: - Which point have I reached?


On top one understands in general as the striving for high sighting and ideals which one maybe does not reach. Sometimes it also warns about ‹berbetonung of the intellect. One understands only from the symbols which are connected with on top.



  • stand: finally, you have reached it and are on high post.

(European ones).:

  • is or stand: at his current work one stands on the right place,
  • something about himself see hanging: points to a danger,
  • on falling off: can mean the ruin,
  • on falling off and only scarcely missing: one will only scarcely escape a capital loss,
  • is well fastened about one and no danger showing: the situation will make amends after a menacing loss.
(See also positions)

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