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In general:

Every hewn stone in the dream is a tip to the fact that the dreaming thinks about how he has formed his basic being. The easier the stone is worked on, the more possibilities are available to him to improve him, - The more decorated he is, the more successfully the dreaming uses his creative energy. Obelisk symbolises partly that one leads an exemplary life and achieves good success (above all on business). Sometimes he stands as a phallic symbol also for sexual needs.


An obelisk often shows a mark which marks a certain area, as for example a holy space. He can also symbolise old, instinctive knowledge.


At this level the obelisk in the dream asks the dreaming to get clarity about his spiritual faith.



  • see: wonderful views have, - also: one will have a disappointing love affair,
  • (top column): you lead a model life, - also: you want to get out too high.

(European ones).:

  • see: one leads a model life, - also: if a Wohngegendwechsel promises, one will find somewhere else more luck and friends, - small monetary profits,
  • incredibly and coldly before rising: Herald of melancholy news, - for lovers promises these disastrous disputes.


  • see: the shops go well, you can be contented.

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