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After old springs he forecasts bigger monetary profits. However, actually, the skin is the organ with which we are the world erspüren and rash, sore places and eczemas though disagreeable, but illnesses not too serious as a rule. Thus the motive points rather to the fact that you are not quite sure to yourselves to your role or your behaviour, maybe feeling of inferiority has. It seems to tune something nothing in dealing with your people. What is so disagreeable then? Why one feels move himself or irritated? Has the own I by bad treatment got sore places? Has one thoughtlessly behaved himself? Think about it, before the problem becomes bigger. Thus, e.g., a red rash points to irritation or embarrassment about a situation in your life. Such visions are also often caused by real skin illnesses and then have no deeper meaning.



  • Dreaming somebody, he has got a rash, he will introduce rich harvest and come to prosperity, - he owns no country, he will become rich after the magnitude of the rash of the farmers work.
  • with it be afflicted: Loss in health,
  • see in other: Worries.

(European ones).:

  • damage of the health and the body demand as a fair balance money and luck, - success in the business and occupation,
  • have: Deals can be made or arrangements be hit, the rich profit yield,
  • see in other people: the general relations make amends,
(See also leprosy)

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