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Symbol for respectable wealth, strength - and the 'fullness of the Lebens'.



  • largely, green: a long and healthy life,
  • small: one puts big hopes for you, is not disappointing,
  • dries up: Childlessness,
  • to themselves see climb one or sitting under him: one will still have to take some hurdle, until one attains a secure retirement.

(European ones).:

  • brings grief and worries,
  • with fruits see: one must count on difficulties after whose overcoming, however, a nice success waves,
  • see without fruits: Difficulties, obstacles and worries open before, - also: one the obstacles do not master.


  • nicely green: you have the intention to marry soon, - a favorable omen for a long and healthy life,
  • with fruits: The worries which are soon repaired,
  • strips of leaves: Unmarried state,
  • climb this or under him sit: one will still have to take some hurdle, until one can enjoy the secure retirement.

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