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Notebook asks to begin against forgetfulness and slovenliness. The thoughts with which one entrusts his notebook are not mostly determined for the eyes more different. Watch out for excessive Heimlichtuerei and check your thoughts and ideas instead of this in the conversation with other people.



  • look: you plan something clever,
  • read in it: something what one thought forgotten will occur to one again,
  • lose: your secrets are in danger.

(European ones).:

  • lose: you reveal secrets,
  • find: Prosperity,
  • see: points to slovenliness,
  • read in one: it will occur soon something important that one had already forgotten,
  • want to write in it, but do not do it: you will forget something important,
  • write in one: somebody will follow to an obligation even towards in which one has not thought any more,
  • turn the leaves through one: one will be reminded of something disagreeable,
  • can lose or not find, or do not find a note in the notebook: indicates a loss by own forgetfulness, - also: an up to now protected secret will come out all of a sudden,


  • lose: is not so forgetful, otherwise, you will suffer a damage.

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