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Marks (musical notes, school marks)


Musical notes are the symbol for the striving for harmony. Who reads musical notes in the dream, proves in the awake life mostly big will strength. With marks in reports one pays attention to the number and looks there. Such marks are often a recollection of the school hours and now can find use in a case presently to be solved.


  • read: secret thoughts occupy you,
  • sing: you will spend nice hours.

(European ones).:

  • musical notes see: if a dull society promises, - points to wrong friends,
  • musical notes read: one will remember to an uncompleted respect again,
  • musical notes themselves write: one will have to steer his whole concentration on quite a certain important job,
  • good school marks agree: big hope will come true,
  • bad school marks agree: one should think that one can get on in the life only by diligence and zeal.


  • see: hope will come true,
  • sing afterwards or play: you will experience something very much happy,
  • write: one has wrong friends.
(See also music,' check' and single figures)

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