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Call of nature


It dreamt one, he does his call of nature in a grain measure. (A Choinix (grain measure) is a dry measure, particularly for grain, something more than 1 litre. It was the daily ration of a man.) He was transferred to have got involved with his sister, - then the grain measure is a measure, however, the measure resembles the law. He had as it were the law pass, while he ignored that what is valid with the Greeks in general as a right and custom.



  • do: you go towards to the success, - your worries will become smaller, help is close.

(European ones).:

  • do: one will be successful,
  • see doing call of nature: if an indecent and common acquaintance introduces.


  • do: pay attention to your honour and your respect.
(See excrement, human excrement, toilet, toilet)

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