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Leprosy / lepers


Rash, often in similar meaning like acne, is a warning sign of the unconscious that must be fixed a little bit. This can be a refusal of own person and interpersonal, as well as burning private problems, sometimes, however, also real illness symptoms. If one deals in the dream with lepers, one mostly suffers from the feeling not to be loved by his environment. However, this can also refer to internal processes. Bodies and mind are not in the harmony. The mind rules and despises the body which he stains as repellent, and feels dirtily. However, he can also stand for the fact that one would like to present himself better understandably and explain himself, but fears the refusal of the others.


The Krätze, the leprosy and the elephant's illness get higher respect and bigger meaning arms and empires, - then these sufferings move with them afflicted in the field of vision all. For same reason they reveal concealed, however, they get empires and powerful figures state offices. Always it is good when one sees himself with Krätze, the leprosy, the elephant's illness or a similar suffering, as for example with leprosy or with lichens, afflicted, - one sees such in an another, it means grief and worries. Everything because what is to be looked disgustingly and nastily allows to tremble the soul of the viewer and solidify. It is even more disastrous if one sees members of the family with such an illness afflicted. If it is a hotel servant of the dreaming, he shall not be needed to services for him any more, - if it is the son, he will not lead the conduct which corresponds to the principles of the father, - it is the wife, the husband will have big annoyance because of her frivolous activity. It is to the people who live on the large amount of use, - with other people one must meet the interpretation after the principle of the resemblance.



  • Dreaming of the emperors, he would be struck by the leprosy, he will show himself up because of a love affair publicly, invent further a new fashion and open with it new sources of income, - a my husband will make his deal with clothes, a woman the loose trade follow and get cloakroom with it.
  • have: indicates at wealth and good success in all shops.

(European ones).:

  • damage of the health and the body demand as a fair balance for money and luck, - success in the business and occupation,
  • have with positive feeling: Deals can be made or arrangements be hit, the rich profit yield, - with negative accompanying feeling: one cannot see himself any more in the mirror of the truth,
  • lepers see: Bekümmernis, worry, restlessness, danger, - love will change into indifference, - also: one hides with his opinion and thinks carefully about the effect of the words.


  • your health is in danger.
  • see with others: you will have worries.
(See also acne, rash, skin)

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