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Association: - Retreat, - spiritual life. Question: - Which part of me must withdraw from the demands of the life?


Similar meaning like monk (see there), only with female portent. Who dreams of nuns, no saint must still be long. On the contrary: If men dream of nuns, mostly dark emotions militate against themselves in the depths of her instinctual life and emotional life. What the dreamer probably lacks, is the courage to the self-knowledge. But in the long run veiling (nuns will carry not be possible for veil) of different unaware emotions any more. In general she symbolises the spiritual experiences which one should use.



  • see: lonely and desolately must live, - protects you from falseness,
  • see in white: Announcement of a death,
  • meet: Restlessness and lovesickness,
  • with her talk: you will not hold your vow, - faithlessness of the lovers,
  • hear singing: devout feelings and moods will inspire you, - also: Grief and heartbreak,
  • see praying: the worries soon pass, a mighty friend stands on your side,
  • initiate: give up your hope,
  • be: an unforeseen event approaches which will entail substantial damage in the informal area.

(European ones).:

  • warns about sanctimoniousness, also announces a change of own relations, - care before exaggerations!
  • see one: Warning before the sanctimony more different,
  • operate with one: if a change of the present relations,
  • means a change of job or in general
  • is themselves nun or become: meant a happy marriage or better, happy-go-luckier times, - cheering tip to the coming improvement, - promises in particular a happy marriage or family life,
  • a dead nun: points to desperation about infidelity of the loves as well as lost property,
  • for a religious man: material comfort will come into conflict with his faith, - he should well keep under control,
  • Seeing a Mrs. Nonnen, is forecast her Witwenschaft or the separation by the lover. If she herself is a nun, discontent with her present surroundings will appear.
  • If a woman the orders leaves, her longing for earthly joys will come into conflict with her elective duties.


  • you can calculate on the fact that in the next time everything will make amends at your home,
  • see or speak: you will change your state,
  • hear singing: you can find no heart rest,
  • become: you will remain unmarried.

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