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In general:

Every person has the need to feel somewhere at home. In the dream one can sometimes find this place, this niche. Because the niche stands in narrow connection with the childish protective need, she expresses the available or missing security feeling of the dreaming. Niche can indicate a secret love relationship, - one sits in a niche, indicates at forthcoming wedded bliss.


In new situations the person has the need to understand the world which he just enters. Often dream scenarios open chances for the dreaming because they point him where he belongs which niche is the right thing for him. The dreaming must find not only the space in which he is at home, but he must also know which external factors support him and which hinder him. Moreover, she always points to secrecy which could be taken amiss of us in the awake life.


In religious images the niche is consecrated, so that it is a suitable place for the divine. She symbolises the saint and, in addition, special powers which belong to the respective divinity.



  • see in a wall or wall: your expectations cannot be fulfilled, - also: a secret date.

(European ones).:

  • stand in one or sit or visit such: points to a secret love story or hobby.


  • sit in one: Luck with the children and in the marriage,
  • stand in it: Dear joys,
  • see: one waylays for you.
(See also grotto,' cave')

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