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If one dreams of kidneys, this one actual illness can have caused. However, as a symbol they stand for processing processes in the dreaming. It can be that of the dreaming difficulty has with the realisation of itself, or the kidneys point to the problems with the satisfaction of his needs and wishes.


The kidneys stand for the brothers, close relatives, and, moreover, still to namesakes and the children.



  • cook: is on the alert, one wants to do to you bad person,
  • eat: pay attention to your health.

(European ones).:

  • or nephritic soup: is valid for good health by respectable conduct, - an official person will excite to aversion because of a secret dear affair,
  • dream of the own: serious illnesses or problems threaten in the marriage,
  • fell ill have: one plays a role in a bad intrigue,
  • functioning ones do not have: one will take damage by an event.


  • see: good health,
  • eat: you must be moderate from health reasons,
  • cut: Hostility.
(See also thirst, intestine, 'body')

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