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If one plans in the dream to split, then this refers to the fact that one creates conditions with which other people do not understand the motives of the action. The dreaming has recognised his wish to integrate his part personality in a whole, nevertheless, this cannot put into action without being misunderstood by other people. One wants to free himself from something to come from own strength to the success. The dreaming who splits with a person close to him tries to flee from a situation which could be painful for him at the end. Job is to be maintained it generally, the balance between emotional and material security. If one splits before his debts, the success might be only very short-lived. Who tears out to themselves hair or something else, that wants to escape from a guilt, from a life fact, maybe also from a partner.


Tear out symbolised a union - spiritual or other kind - particularly in the need.


(European ones).:

  • and get free: a risqué enterprise will succeed,
  • split and are caught up: some trouble will have been free of charge,
  • tear out a tooth: only firm decision leads to the aim.

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