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Nine (numbers)

Association: - concealed blessing, - completion, - sympathy. Question: - What is revealed to me?

In general:

Nine is a number which has a big mythical meaning and is in many religions the holy number. Nine symbolises as a lunar number the area of the imagination and dreams. However, she also owns a double meaning: In the number 'nine' the word lies 'anew' what can be possibly interpreted as a demolition and departure.


Nine can be calculated from three times three and symbolises thus an increased mental strength. Nine has in the number symbolism - like all the other odd figures also - a male aspect. The pregnancy of the woman lasts as a rule nine months, therefore, Nine is also a picture for a new birth in the literal one as well as in the transferred spiritual sense. This number expresses the perfect harmony (three times three!), the striving for absolute truth, but also the mental-spiritual activity in the awake life.


In the magic and mythology it is the uncanny number.



  • see this number or on her count: take a lottery ticket and you will have with it luck, - also: Luck signs in view of the end of a business with substantial profit views, - or even of a whole period of life, - also: you should load three loyal friends,

(European ones).:

    it is
  • with women the wish for a child, with men for the foundation of a family,
  • see as a number: one has in the next time luck with all things in which Nine is included or plays a role.


  • (number) see: good premeaning for a profit.
(See also figures)

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