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New Year / New Year's Day


The dream of the New Year signals for the dreaming that he should begin once again from the front. It can also show the measuring of the time in satisfactory manner or symbolise a time in which something certain happens. The dreaming must recognise the strain which is necessary if he liked to create renewal or new growth.


At the spiritual level the New Year's Day with his festivities can symbolise enlightenment or anew won knowledge. The dreaming is not any more in the depths of the darkness.



  • you can count on a fate turn.

(European ones).:

  • experience happily, high-spirited: the year will bring probably still a lot of grief and worries,
  • experience quietly, seriously or thoughtfully: if a lot of joy and blessing brings in the course of the year,
  • experience sadly: a long preserved wish will come true in the course of the year.

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