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Association: - The security, - in which to case sit. Question: - Where in my life I am ready for the fearlessness?

In general:

In dreams a net refers to the fact that the dreaming feels in a pattern or a situation locked up and caught: He sits in the trap. Net also means that one searches a feeling connection in which also sexual needs are fulfilled. In the dream of a woman the net means that she is aware of her seduction strength, - in the dream of a man, however, it shows that his fear of women becomes conscious by him. A dream in which one was caught in a net contains a statement about erotic failure (the symbol stands in connection with female power).


With the dream of a net the dreaming falls back on one of the most elementary spiritual symbols: In the net of the life the divine powers have interweaved destiny and time to create a reality in which the person can exist. The person is the mind who is caught in the net of the body. The net can appear in the dream as a picture for a hopeless situation and then stands in terms of case. Mostly the sexuality which is felt by the dreaming as enticing, but also menacing is expressed with this dream symbol nevertheless. He probably fears around his independence. Who goes with a net on fishing, something wants to reach in sexual area, - whether a lot or a little is, the catch result will point. If one is caught, however, even in a net, one would maybe like to be arrested by somebody whom one loves. The net in the dream can also be a tip to a network created above all by women of the mutual support.


At the spiritual level the net stands in the dream for boundless respect and for the cosmic plan. It also symbolises narrowness, anxiety and fear.



  • see or in the hand have: in a complicated situation get,
  • fish with it: one wants to reach something linkedly with personal luck,
  • catch with it something: business advantages attain,
  • with fishing: big profit in the play,
  • in the hair: you will enter a marriage,
  • get stuck in it: you allow to tempt yourself into a wrong, - you must atone for others,
  • hang up: rich shops in view,
  • eject: you make squalid deals, - also: you have longing for a dear person,
  • can get entangled in it and not release: you will fall in love,
  • tear: you will destroy enemy's cunning,
  • knit or attach: Joy,
  • mend: you protect yourself from need,
  • other see working with it: one should watch out for wrong promises.

(European ones).:

  • sexually to understand: one longs to be taken (woman) or a connection to come (man),
  • fishing net: if many small joys and income register,
  • a torn fishing net: tells of disappointments,
  • see stretched: if check and heavy work,
  • promises
  • want to catch even with a fish: one would like to reach something, however, besides, one hopes more for the luck,
  • get involved in one: one could be tempted to something and other had done with it wrong,
  • in women's dreams symbolises the net often the wish 'to get in the net of a man'.


  • fish with it: make no dubious deals,
  • see: do not let to a wrong tempt.
(See also fish, fish, mesh, spider)

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