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Association: - Security, - comfort. Question: - Where in my life I look for protection? What comforts me? What does a feeling of the comfort give to me?

In general:

A nest symbolises protection, a domestic life-style and symbolises the need for security and family luck, partly linked with erotic wishes. Maybe the dreaming is emotionally depending on the people of his surroundings and is afraid, hence to leave the 'nest'. Besides, one can distinguish the following accompanying circumstances:
  • nest with eggs or boys announces family luck.
  • empty nest warns about informal problems and disputes which can lead to the separation.
  • destroyed nest can threaten the decay of the family.
  • swallow's nest promises a happy family life.


The nest can be in the dream a symbol for the protective need and the insecurity of the dreaming. However, it stands also for the wish for marriage and family. If a nest is built in the dream action, the longing for security, cosiness and after maternity expresses itself in it. Who finds in the dream a bird's nest which is inhabited, can hope for a happy family life or found own household. If a nest leaves against it in the dream, this is a picture for the wish for independence and independence of the dreaming. The empty nest itself points to the abandoned being. If the nest is destroyed, a respected person will turn us maybe the back. If we ourselves destroy a nest, we break with all conventions and try to separate us from our present environment. Many women develop before the birth of her child a nest construction instinct. Hence, in the dream this can indicate the readiness to a pregnancy or, however, the strong needs of the dreaming for security.


At the spiritual level the nest in the dream symbolises the security in the usual sphere of the dreaming.



  • see: one inclines to the stinginess, - why a friendship to the breaks could go,
  • blank: you would like to found own household,
  • with eggs: rich child blessing is your big wish,
  • with young birds see: your wishes will come true, - luck and wealth, - (14, - 26)
  • with cuckoo: one wants to cheat you,
  • exclude: what you want to do is bad,
  • destroys: your marriage suffers damages,
  • fall down: Misfortune and grief.

(European ones).:

  • concentration on a modest future construction,
  • bird's nests see: if the interest points in a promising enterprise,
  • or nests see, also with eggs and boys: indicates at a blest household, - foundation or the creation of a happy household promises or points to new arrival to the family,
  • the empty: it will go with your business downhill, - a desired dear connection does not come about, or there originates domestic strife, or members of the family leave the house to go his own ways, - grief because of an absent friend,
  • Gelege of chickens: point to a predilection for domestic interests as well as happy and well-behaved children,
  • a nest with broken eggs: is valid as an expression for disappointment and failure,
  • a queue nest or the nest at all of a dangerous animal: big concern, - one will get to do it with bad people,
  • a swallow's nest: Luck at the home and advantageous shops,
  • with broken eggs or the destroyed see: Grief, - means lovesickness or domestic worries,
  • destroy themselves one: one will lose home or native country by own guilt, - it concerns around
  • nest of a dangerous animal, one becomes conscious by a great danger or unconsciously escape.
  • of A young woman a change of the residence announces itself.


  • the empty: you will be absent for longer time of your home and native country,
  • swallow's nest: you are loaded to a glad society,
  • with small birds, swallows: big profit,
  • of the tree take: quick wedding,
  • with eggs: nice family life with many children,
  • exclude: you are about to do a big wrong,
  • of a queue: you will experience bad person.
(See also 'birds', 'bird's nest')

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