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If one sits down in the dream in the nettles, this has the same meaning for the awake life as it the vernacular indicates. One was so thoughtless to proceed in danger, and now must try to come out again of own strength. If the dreamer reaches in the nettles, he should undergo once a controlling investigation because possibly subliminal a psychic suffering is announced.



  • see: are denigrated by libellous gossip mouths,
  • burn themselves on it: by deception and cunning have to suffer,
  • to itself hineinsetzen: must count on bad news, - also: you will enter no advantageous marriage or community,
  • touch: one should take before a heavy illness in eight,
  • pick: you are too premature and now have damage,
  • eat: Health and long life.

(European ones).:

  • see or smell: Health, - warning before hasty decisions and actions, - on annoyance and other difficulties there,
  • collect: Prosperity,
  • by nettles walk without being stung: if prosperity,
  • promises
  • are stung: one is discontented with himself and makes other unhappily,
  • sit down in the nettles: a friend or dear partner will cheat to one and cause a lot of trouble,
  • by lies
  • burn themselves on it: Defamation, malice and damage by wrong people,
  • Going a young woman by nettles, will make your different men a marriage proposal. Their decision will fulfil them with nervous foreboding.


  • pick: do not rush things in your actions, because you could damage to yourself,
  • see: have a look at your people better, - you will make an unadvised statement,
  • to itself hineinsetzen: Defamation.

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