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Blacks or Africans are in the dreams of European people often a symbol for the primitive consciousness step, but also for vitality. An other meaning arises from the stronger unconsciousness, the faith of the Africans in magic forces, the very rhythmical music and dances and their erotizing effect. All this has contributed to the fact that the black can lead in the dream also on the impulsive, unaware shadow side of the dreaming.



  • see: do not proceed needlessly in danger, - mostly points to annoyance or an unfavorable development of personal things, - one will make shortly a disagreeable acquaintance,
  • one speak: you must pass a heavy fight with your enemy.

(European ones).:

  • conflict of the bright against the dark, mostly negative inner life,
  • promise misfortune, bring annoyance and frustration, - quarrel with friends,
  • see: Warning of exaggerations,
  • to one have to the friend: one will reconcile himself with an opponent,
  • with one get in quarrel: one will be put out to heavy hostility,
  • see themselves as one: To be frank and open reminder, in a certain thing.


  • see: you will be angry even today.

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