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Points to the mythical shape of the Narcissus which disdained the love of the nymph echo and was punished for it with selflove on which he fell in love with his own picture reflected in a spring. If one takes the narcissus as an archetypal sign, it translates the egoism of the dreamer who knows himself only and, otherwise, nobody. This interpretation has already laid Artemidoros to the vision.



  • give: you will find out faithlessness, - your love has no continuance,
  • agree: one wants to win you.


  • This flower warns about megalomania and morbid vanity. The person concerned should think about his behaviour, because he inclines to the selfoverestimation. The people in his surroundings suffer from his arrogance and his mockery injures them. (Man

(European ones).:

  • see in the garden: a happy future particularly in dear problems, - decreased luck if one sees this flower in the house in pots or a vase.
(See also flowers, wreath)

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