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In general:

Be anaesthetised in a dream, the fact emphasises that the dreaming tries to avoid painful feelings. Perhaps, he also feels by external circumstances matt-sedate, or, however, the dream symbol points out to the fact that the dreaming tries - or is made - avoid something. Anaesthesia can also warn about gullibility which leads to considerable problems.


The tranquilizer which gives us the unconscious for deliberate lives. The vision suggests us that we should become quieter in future. The dreaming dazes or avoids something with which he does not want to confront himself. Maybe he creates a situation which forces him, finally, to the action. Or, however, he must keep quiet and grant the space the events which they need to develop from themselves.


Like loss of memory can also be an anaesthesia in the dream a tip to the death. However, the decease of a personality portion is meant as a rule.



  • become: passing illness or annoyance.


  • become: Annoyance have.
(See also operation)

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