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Association: - Healed wound, - incomplete letting go of an emotional injury. Question: - What am I ready, entire to let heal?

In general:

A scar in the dream is a tip to the fact that old injuries exist which have healed not completely. They can be as spiritual and emotional as well as physical nature and remain unnoticed, until the dreaming is reminded of them. At the emotional level a scar can express itself, for example, in such a way that the dreaming sticks to a certain behaviour pattern which served once his protection, now has lost, however, his sense.


The scar mostly points to strokes of fate in the past from which we should learn to protect ourselves in future better. It can play a role in which body part the scars are in the dream. This can contain a tip to the area of life which is concerned by the former injury. If the dreaming sees scars on another dream figure in his dream, he must ask himself whether he was maybe that which has injured others in the past.


At the spiritual level scars in the dream can be a tip to injuries from former lives or on karmische entanglements.


A scar calls the end of every worry.



  • freshly see: a drastic event approaches or is not overcome internally yet,
  • old, see: think back to proud days,
  • well healing see in himself: if the end of all worries,
  • means
  • see in others: one should take the problems of his people more seriously,
  • carry: old pain contacts again,
  • old again broken open: one will meet a person who has added once a big grief.

(European ones).:

  • see: Failure approaches, however, one should learn for the future from it,
  • many have: also conclude by an old age,
  • see one in own body: one will have a drastic experience or has not overcome one yet, - if one in shortens a new person met, this will also add one one day a big grief,
  • see in others: painful recollections will strike you.


  • have: a high, unconcerned age,
  • see and to rate are pulled: do not get involved with people of low state.
(See also injury, wound)

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