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In general:

The name which a person receives is the first tip to his identity. He stands for his selffeeling. If the dreaming is called in his dream with his name, his attention should be drawn particularly to his personality. Own personality symbolises name what can point in particular cases to vanity and craving for administration, but also to fear of the loss of own identity. If one hears calling loudly his name in the dream, is valid as a warning sign that danger is in the delay. If the name is only written down, can point rather to a commendation or honouring. If one writes his name, warns generally about rash action with which one enters obligations. If one writes, however, his name under a document, one should exactly check contracts in the awake life once again and follow above all the small print.


If one dreams of the fact that a name is called or is written down, it is to be understood almost always as (about the dream 'zugefunkter') SOS call of a person of the same name whom one knows closer. Such signals always have a basic meaning, one should get in touch immediately with this person - and will turn out that one was really 'called': Here somebody needs allowance, help - or is in other manner in an extreme situation. If the names of other people strike the dreaming in his dream, their qualities become conscious by him with it maybe, and he must argue with them. If the name of a place seems in the dream, it is worth, about the knowledge or recollections which combine with him to think. Behind local name a wordplay can be also hidden.


At the spiritual level the name in the dream gives to the dreaming the opportunity to argue with his essential Independently.


One may not hold the real meaning of the proper names in view of the interpretation for insignificant. Since if with luck-promising predictions on account of the remaining circumstances names of good premeaning seem, they make the luck even more perfect, - with disastrous prophecies they reduce the misfortune and weaken it. Names of bad premeaning against it which are opposed to our wishes increase on the one hand the evil, on the other hand, they diminish the blessing. Often one can already meet on the basis of the proper names only a prediction. It dreamt, e.g., somebody, he has lost his name. It happened that he lost his son, not only because he lost the most expensive what he owned, but because the son was called also like the father. In addition he still lost his whole property, because lawsuits were filed against him on grounds of which he was accused of political offences and was condemned. Disgracefully and land-briefly he put to his life by the cord an end, so that he not even had more a name after the death. (The epigraph of the known eccentric and misanthropist Timon which confesses his suicide hides his name. Plutarch: Antonius, Kap.70,7) Then selfmurderer are called over by the relatives with the dead person's meals not with name. It might be clear to everybody that all events went out from the one and same dream experience because they have the one and same meaning. (The dead with the dead person's meal in particular to appeal was usual, - Achilles of the Patroklos calls soul to the victim (Homer: Iliad 23,200), likewise of the Archon of the Plataier annually the heroes fallen for freedom of Greece. (Plutarch: Aristeides, Kap.21,5)) It dreamt one, he carries the name dug on an arch panel of the Sarapis like an amulet around the neck. He got a pharyngitis and died within seven days, - then Sarapis is revered as a God of the underworld and has the same meaning like Pluton, - his name contains seven letters, and the man died just as a result of a suffering of the body part round which he had tied the amulet.


  • write: is careful that one does not put you,
  • hear: you will be called for a thing, - also: a good message hear,
  • read: you will be honoured, - you get an important writing.

(European ones).:

  • as a call to ourselves to understand as a warning of loss of own personality
  • hear calling his own: a dear person is in need, - a pleasing message will soon arrive,
  • own by strange voices is called: one experiences an uncertainty, - strangers will help one, or one does not follow to his obligations,
  • be read to own: one becomes known in public called or,
  • write his own: Warning before a definition on a thing,
  • with a wrong one are appealed: if an unhappy omen is for dear problems,
  • his own do not know any more: it threatens a substantial property and reputation loss and in the worst case even suicide,
  • be anonymous: one could still develop no own personality,
  • are anonymous other: one particularly does not take seriously these people.


  • write: watch out for a process,
  • see written: you are involved in a process,
  • hear calling his own: good message.
(See also etymology)

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