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Nails (limbs)


To be cut in the nails means to a believer that the interest is due, to all other people, however, damage from on the part of those who have trimmed the nails to them, provided that the nails have been cut them of foreign people. Since we maintain in the colloquial language of a person who has fallen for a swindler to say: 'To Him the nails were cut'.



  • see: it can be calculated on unexpected help in a predicament,
  • of the finger cut: you will draw the short straw and pay extra,
  • break off: Annoyance and frustration
  • maintain: happy society visit,
  • polish: you make a smooth thing successfully,
  • black: Grief and need,
  • carry long: bad disputes in court.

(European ones).:

  • one tries to hold something which can slip out, - Li> stands often in connection with processes and violent discussions,
  • see: if a financially good time,
  • promises
  • excessively long grown nails have or those see growing: one wants to get involved in unsafe speculations, - also: if prosperity and success contains in the love,
  • cut or break off: meant financial losses.
(See also 'fingernails', 'edges')

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