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Nail (of iron)

In general:

A dream of the nails with which, for example, two boards are connected with each other shows that the dreaming owns a talent to bring together people or things. Besides, the loading capacity of the nail can be important. Nail (from metal) can symbolise a strong interpersonal respect or the internal cohesion of the personality. Often he also points to opponent by whom one will suffer damage and losses, - nevertheless, the crooked nail announces that one will overcome them. If one finds a nail, should point after old dream books to impoverishment. After Old-Egyptian interpretation he stands for hope which comes true.


Symbol for staying power and durability if it is about the proverbial 'nails with heads'. As it were the stopgap which can release us from an opaque situation. he stands also for accuracy - mostly in the figurative sense: One has hit the nail on the head. Nailing to itself is nailing on a certain position which protects us stability. Crooked nails indicate crooked ways which one would have to smash in the awake life to the achievement of an aim and the aim seems always accessible. The piercing strength of a nail can matter if of the dreaming difficulties with masculinity and sexuality has.


At the spiritual level the nail in the dream shows destiny and need. In the Christianity nails also symbolise the highest victim and pain.



  • see: Entry of happy circumstances,
  • from the wood move: your thrift is is absent on the place,
  • split, in general: your patience is to an end, however, this is not an advantage,
  • hit: you act rationally, - you will make a right decision, - also: one will soon stand before a situation in which it is advisable to say the truth, - also: you will say somebody your mind,
  • find: you will make your luck, - hope comes true, - also: if promises property increase if one proceeds economically with his income,
  • lift: Thrift and property increase,
  • just knock: Thrift,
  • straighten: you most simply a quarrel,
  • forge: you do useful work for yourself and others,
  • of mehrer boards see with it linked: one owns the ability to bring together people or things.

(European ones).:

  • see: indicates at serious enemies, - also: stands for drudgery to low wage,
  • cannot hit: sad news, - one will suffer a serious damage by the behaviour of an opponent,
  • smash one: one will soon come to a situation where it is better to say the truth,
  • many hit into the wall: one will manage a favorable sign, - all things which one takes in hand now,
  • want to hit and, besides, askew hit: one will put out of action an enemy,
  • finding a savings nail: if means luck,
  • one find general: can count on property increase if one lives in the next time economically,
  • act with it: the work becomes decent, even if be rather easy,
  • rusty or twisted ones: if illness and failure signal in the business.


  • hit: your intention is good,
  • find: Poverty calls in in your house.
(See also hammer)

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