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Nakedness / in the nude

Association: - Bared, - Vulnerable. Question: - What may the others of me see?

In general:

Nakedness in the dream deals something with the self-image of the dreaming. He has the wish to be seen in such a way how he is, and would like to reveal his being without having to establish a facade. Nakedness can request to more openness and honesty, - then one should file wrong inhibitions or be deceptive no longer other. Also fear of an exposure sometimes appears in it. Now and again the symbol points to sexual needs for which one is maybe ashamed or which one has edged out. If the dreaming goes in his dream in the nude on a street, the interpretation depends on whether he is observed, besides, by other people. If this is the case, the dreaming maybe has something in himself what he would like to show. If the dreaming is alone, he maybe simply has the wish to express freely himself, or he wants to experience his vulnerability consciously. Nakedness dreams can also have quite practical triggers: A dream in which one walks around in the nude on an airport maybe wants to remind to look through once again the holiday luggage.


The nakedness has in the dream only extremely seldom an erotic character. With this vision the original natural state of the person is meant. She indicates a state of mental uncovering in the negative sense if the dreaming feels from his nakedness embarrassingly touched. This can refer to a partial Entkleidung. She seems above all in fear rooms. If the dreamer goes in the nude or only scantily dressed through animated streets, one has given himself in the awake life a nakedness or is afraid to give them to himself what concludes by moral doubts or by feeling of inferiority. Nakedness also symbolises innocence. The dreams which describe nakedness positively return the wish for independence and reveal the will to express themselves other towards also with awkward subjects without inhibitions, - for this case one pays attention to other dream symbols and their statement. If the dream trades of the fact that the dreaming appears in the nude during a striptease show, then this could refer to his fear to be misunderstood. Though the dreaming of that is aware that he is ready to be open and honest, but others do not understand this maybe.


Nakedness can refer to a fresh start, a rebirth. It is the heavenly state and the state of natural innocence which every person owned once.


(arab.): If one dreams, he has ridded himself of his clothes and is naked to struggle with another, he becomes, if he is to him an enemy and wants to do harm, his intention reach, he is friendly minded to him, good prove.
  • Having to itself one taken off to have a bath will push shut to him a small bad luck according to the duration of Baden.
  • Seeming it one, he has got undressed and swims by a river or wades up to the neck by the water, he will argue with big man who resembles the size of the river, - he crosses the river, he will show high man in the barriers and file the fear of him, he does not cross him, the opposite will arrive.
  • Having to himself somebody taken off to swim over the sea he will direct a request to the emperor, - he swims certainly over, it is granted, otherwise are beaten off.
  • have a bath in the nude, in general: you have happy society,
  • get undressed in the nude: Wish for freedom and independence,
  • taking off
  • Having to herself a woman at home in her four walls in the nude, she will cheat her man, but be caught.
  • naked people see: foreign people will bother you by her behaviour,
  • go: do not behave improperly, otherwise you prepare for yourself disgrace, - also: you will suffer heavy losses,
  • on the street go: Revelation of a feeling of inferiority, this has originated from the non-achievement of professional or social aims,
  • naked children see: one would like to escape from guilt and clean his conscience, - also: indicates at new arrival to the family.
(European ones.): something is not at all mental in order, - it concerns according to contents often only a primitive sexual dream, - nakedness is valid for poverty and misfortune, -
  • naked small children see: if the nicest and purest luck, - also sometimes sign promises for new arrival to the family,
  • naked people see: if brings fear and terror, - also: one would see it with pleasure if other were duty-forgotten, - illness will play no low role with own failure,
  • see a nice countersexual person naked: a secret or hot longing can be soon fulfilled,
  • naked people in the seashore or by the river see who want to swim: announced courage and initiative,
  • see a nice person of other gender naked: Satisfaction of a secret and hot longing,
  • see an ugly person of other gender naked: by a dear affair one will have to expect disgrace and mockery,
  • frighten by the sudden sight of a naked person: also means in the life a bad fright,
  • get undressed: one would want more freedom and independence,
  • be naked: if means exposure and mindless enterprises,
  • in the nude umhergehen: one will get in need,
  • be naked to have a bath or to swim: if success promises by trouble, courage and perseverance,
  • one is naked, wants to dress and cannot find again his clothes: there easily threatens insult and disgrace,
  • is naked and this try to hide: if promises the desire for an illegitimate adventure that one would like to overcome, however,
  • of A young woman who admires her nakedness it stands - transient - admiration of the men in the house. If she keeps herself for deformed, her good call is stained by a scandal, - she has Swimming them in the nude in the clear water, affairs, - for it it is punished with illness and the loss of her charms. If she sees swimming naked men in clear water, this prophesies many admirers. If the water is dirty, a jealous admirer will slander them.
(ind.): If one looks in the dream suddenly somewhere in the nude and only and seems to it him, his nakedness has been seen by each, secrets will become obvious, and he is reviled and incredibly are pestered.
  • Seeing he itself in his four walls stark naked, so he knows that he will make big efforts in a thing, - which kind she is also well or badly, he will lead them to an end.
  • Dreaming one, he stands in the nude in a church, he will show himself up before his man.
  • Seeming it the emperor, the people has seen him naked, his personal secret will be revealed before all people.
  • Having a woman this face, will become her Hurerei of all world the play, - a farm-hand will come to light to the begging stick and his deception.
  • Having to himself one which is dressed only in an apron or underpants taken off in his four walls, he will be released from worries and awkward need, - a sick person will recover become free from debt a debtor. If this one woman dreams, she will nag with her man and quarrel.
  • be: close death,
  • see themselves: Poverty,
  • run around in the nude: you have underhand relatives,
  • others: you will come to carefree relations.
(See also Depart,' Barefoot ',' nakedness ',' dress ',' clothes')

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