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Association: - Flexibility, particularly concerning the point of view. Question: - What can I see if I carry out a small change?


(arab.): clarify: Honour, -
  • to ugly ones: you stand in no good call,
  • thickly: Danger of an illness,
  • rabbit punch: watch out for dangers,
  • cervical stiffness: you feel observed from all sides,
  • cervical cloth: Warning of Verkühlung.
(European ones.): see the own: tiresome family affairs affect your shops, -
  • admire another: the materialist setting destroys the family ties,
  • cervical pains have or worry to themselves therefore: shortly will run towards money,
  • kiss somebody on the nape: if means emotionality and itself gehenlassen,
  • this is called
  • Appearing of a woman of own napes thickly, that it becomes a sullen old box which does not have itself in the power.
(ind.): see clarifying: Honour and respect with the neighbours in the house.

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