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  • Dreaming somebody, he is whipped by a friend with Ochsenziemern, he will get after the number of the welts accordingly much coined gold, - has that which moves the slashes, this will give power and power, him portion in it.
  • letting of the emperors somebody with Ochsenziemern whip, the maltreated will attain big joy and property after the number of the welts.
  • moved of the emperors even to somebody slashes with the whip or with strap, the person concerned will be dressed by him with a responsible, extremely important office.
  • the punished will attain
  • Hitting of the emperors personally somebody with his rod, from the first minister of the emperor with his knowledge and approval grace and power.
  • Giving of the emperors to somebody a sword prank and is the hit slave, he will give him the freedom, a pauper will be covered well-to-do, a rich man or tallness by the emperor with honour, depending on how massive the blow was, was weak - if the blow and no blood has flowed, the favour will be lower in all mentioned cases.
(See also fight)

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