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Night falcon

medicine wheel:

Key words: Through various tricks, - noisily, - deceiving, - magically, - change. Description: This bird with the scientific name Chordeiles minor or the "night hawk", as him Americans call, belongs to the family of the night swallows. He is a grey-brown, alike to owl drawn bird with narrow wings who can fly very high. With the hunt the little man rushes vertically down and then rises precipitously upwards and his wings generate a deep, rumbling tone which becomes often false-interpreted as growling. The night falcon can give two melodies of himself from what one sounds nearly like growling. Consequently the birds are sometimes held for bear or bigger animals. Trunks close to the earth associate the night falcon with the hunt and the moon. His growling was sometimes brought also with the thunder in connection, - therefore, one said, the bird brings the rain and supports the moon. General meaning: The courageous hunter in your inside, - knowledge about your female energy and your connection with the moon, - a clear trip by your own shade, - which puts outside possibility that something what you fear as a big problem, as a small nuisance, a lot of noise comes along. Association: - Transcendent meaning: An ally who can help you to catch the information which you need.

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