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Association: - Secret, - unaware contents, - internal vision. Question: - Which darkness is I to be penetrated ready?

In general:

The night symbolises a time of the rest and relaxation. Nevertheless, it can also be a tip to chaos and difficulties. The night belongs to the ghosts, the macabre and the Poltergeistern. Differently expressed: The night is the time of the fallow before the newly beginning growth. Night symbolises the unconscious, - the reward is often expressed in it by the edged out psychic contents which one must consciously process.


The night stands in the dream as a symbol for the unconscious which virtually lies in the dark and causes in the awake life internal insecurity, inhibitions which one should bring to light to solve them. At night the body receives the opportunity to regenerate. In the Chinese medicine certain hours stand at night in connection with certain body organs. The night hides the confidential wish of the soul and lets suppose shadow places which can manifest themselves in the everyday life also in mood. As a time concept she stands at the beginning of a period of life before which to us is worried.


The night symbolises the darkness which stands before the rebirth and the initiation. A breakdown must walk at the head of the enlightenment. The night can also symbolise the death.



  • see around himself: come to a desperate situation, - delays and disappointments must accept, - also: Symbol for an unsettled future,
  • dark ones: Family tiff, - also: you see no way out, waits and is patient,
  • highlights and clearly: long life, - one is on the right way and should continue with his plans,
  • with stars: one has a good way before himself, - you find with certainty to the success,
  • stormy ones: a loss,
  • threatens you
  • walk at night in the uncertain: one watches out for dangers which can threaten quite personally,
  • go at night about country: you will become homeless,


  • an ambivalent omen: Tells to dream of the night that it is a matter to accept delays and disappointments in the next time. If the night is especially clear, however, the dreaming knows by the fact that he is on the right way and should continue after plan: He will find the solution. In general the sign wants to remind him of the fact that of all two sides has. (Man

(European ones).:

  • symbol for dangers in the unconscious, - internal warning, - it approach in the professional life possibly unusual pressure and special hardness,
  • of the night are suddenly surprised: if is a bad sign, - misfortune will be the lot,
  • see the daylight again: one will regain the lost,
  • dark, black ones: if nothing good promises, rather a plague and grief, - it are murky and heavy times in view,
  • in more darkly be on the move: if means the menacing evil which one cannot recognise yet
  • go for a walk in darker: Grief and disappointment, - capital losses,
  • starry ones: one is on the right way.


    at night
  • walk: one will let you be given disdain.
(See also evening, darkness, midday, morning, time)

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