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Mother's complex


Sigmund Freud developed from the special respect between baby and mother the theory of the Oedipus complex. He meant, boys would already have in the infancy a sexual desire after the mother. This also expresses itself later in many dreams in which with the mother's shape incest (see there) is pursued. Really disturbances in the mother's child's respect and a much too narrow relation to the mother in the children and youth favour later neuroses. What concerns now, however, the incest with own mother in the dream, is to be spoken, besides, hardly of the so-called Oedipus complex. Here we could follow Artemidoros which meant if somebody stays away from home, it is only natural that he dreams from homesickness of his mother, and if he copulates then with her as a dreamer, he will soon probably return home. In modern view an incest dream has a favorable portent if one puts for the darling which one knows as a child in the world the mother, in general the beloved woman for whom one longs (sometimes also as a spare mother). Thus C sees. G. Cause Jung (see also 'mother') in the mother's complex unaware thoughts and recollections or - if one wants so - psychic energy which can have a lasting effect till the age and also morbid results, like some neuroses. Finally, the person has been connected in his first development time also physically with the mother.

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