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Association: - Nährung, - praise or reprimand. Question: - Compared with which part of myself am I caring?

In general:

Mother can indicate in particular cases the relation to own mother, - besides, problems appear, one must process them. In general she embodies the partly unaware mental-spiritual area of a personality, - this can be understood only individually.


The mother is in general a symbol for the female. In the dream she stands mostly for mental areas of the dreaming which were stamped in the childhood by the mother and were put on. Archetypal symbol, after C. G. Jung also 'the confidential, the concealed, the dark, the abyss, the animated underworld, the enticing and the poisoning, the inescapable' or 'the magic authority of the female, the gentle, looking after, the site of the rebirth'. Although the mother is a nourishing and protecting being, she can have in the dream also a menacing, devouring and demanding aspect. The concept 'Mother's complex' became from C. G.: Jung stamped. He means that unaware images, lines of thought and experiences enclose the psychic strength and encapsulate, do not speak to the consciousness any more accessibly make. This can lead to psychic disturbances or physical illnesses. In the first year the child is not yet capable of surviving without mother, also it sees the mother as a part of own personality. The mother fixes a large part of the later behaviour patterns of her child already by her behaviour. The experience which the dreaming has gained in his childhood or youth with his or by his mother are always decisive for the behaviour patterns in later partnerships. If the mother's child's respect is disturbed anyhow, the education is too hard or too spoiling, the beginnings lie in it already for neuroses or failure of other kind in the later life of the child. Where own mother appears in the vision, the male dreamer often lacks independence, also own mother symbolises his unaware image of the ideal relation man's woman. With women the mother embodies the realisation of the real female being and shows the unaware shadow sides of the dreaming. The unknown mother can show enlarged mother's function of state or church in the dream. If one dreams of the already late mother, this is a warning which is made clear by other dream symbols. The still living mother in the dream lose the bad conscience which one has in the awake life circumscribes., For the rest, it depends in such dreams always also on how one stands to his mother or has stood. The mother with whom one does not get on well or has understood can turn some of the declarations made here in the opposite.


What concerns the chapter about the mother, this is involved and extensive and admits many differentiations. The fact of the dear union for itself alone is not sufficient yet to indicate the sensory interpretation, rather these are the different kinds of the union and body positions which cause different exits. First is from the traffic the speech, the body in body and with the living mother is practiced because living the same does not mean like the dead one. If one dreams, he sleeps with his mother body in body or as other express it, in natural manner, namely his living one, he will quarrel with the father, if this is healthy, because of the jealousy, which something Allzumenschliches is. If the father is ill, however, he will die, - then the dreaming will be as a master and custodian of the mother a son and husband at the same time. From good premeaning the dream experience is for every craftsman and worker, - one calls then the craft normally mother, and what could mean the union with her other than indefatigable activity and good income from the craft. Luck gives it further to every demagog and politician, - then the mother means the native country. How now the man is a law completely man over the body of the Beischläferin with the traffic to Aphroditens if this is to him to will and dedicates herself with pleasure, the dreaming will gain all powers in the state. And that which of his mother enemy was will feel love for them again, because of the physical union, - then she is called love. Often this dream face brings together the separate up to now to narrow long-term relationships. So it also leads back the son who lives away from home, in the native country, if the mother is there. If not, the dreaming will travel where the mother lives. And if somebody who is poor and suffers the most bitter need has a rich mother, he will agree of her all wishes fullly or be heir to them soon after her death, and in this manner he will have in the mother his desire. Many also took her mothers to themselves and provided for them, - had this desire in her sons. A sick person will recover after this dream face and be again in the harmony with the nature, because the nature is the common mother of all things, and we say that the healthy, are not the sick people according to the rule of the nature. For the sick people the interpretation is not that resembles, if the mother is dead, - because then the dreaming will die very soon, - then the body of the deads resolves in the material from which he was built up and was formed, and because he exists basically of earth, he changes again into the matter appropriate to him. Also will call the earth in itself already mother. Something else means for a sick person the union with the dead mother as the Einswerden with mother to earth? Favourably against it is this dream experience for one which carries on a lawsuit around land which wants to buy country or order country. Nevertheless, some maintain that the dream face indicates only a farmer evil, - he will scatter the seed as it were on dead earth, i.e. this will bring no fruit. Nevertheless, this view does not seem to correspond to me of the truth, unless, one believes to feel remorse or listlessness about the traffic. Further one which is away from home will return in the native country, and who complains on publication of the motherly inheritance, will win after this dream experience the process and to him not the traffic with the mother, but their property grants satisfaction. If somebody has this dream in his native country, he will leave this, - then after such a lapse one can remain impossibly still in the motherly cooker. If he feels uneasiness or remorse for the traffic, he will be exiled from the native country if not, emigrate voluntarily. It is disastrous if one uses the mother in the averting, - either she herself will turn the dreaming on the back, or his compatriots, or the person concerned will give up his craft or, otherwise, an enterprise. It is a bad portent if one operates standing with the mother, - then only the people who own neither bed nor mattress depend on this position. Therefore, it means hardship and distress. That traffic with which the mother on the knees has sat down indicates misfortune further. Since because of the uncomfortable position in which she is it prophesies bitter poverty. Some maintain it, it prophesies to the dreaming the death if the mother lies with the act on the person concerned and rides, - there resembles because the mother of the earth because this is the Nährerin and creator of all things. However, the earth covers the dead people, not the living persons. After my observation sick people died after this dream experience, in any case, however, healthy spent her other life quite lighthearted and as requested, - and this interpretation is quite consistent, - then with the remaining body positions are in habit to appear mostly fatigue and breathlessness with the male partner, while for the female one the act is less strenuous, - in this position against it the man feels on the contrary a pleasurable sensation without strain. The dream face also gives the possibility to stay undiscovered before the person and not to come in the light of the public because with the traffic (in this form) the breathlessness is lost far away. It is of no use to use several positions with the traffic with the mother, - then with the mother one should do no outrageous play. The fact that the people have invented all remaining positions from high spirits, ungovernability and intemperance, however, the nature she taught only just one, namely body on body, one can recognise at the example of the other living beings, - all kinds are content with to them falling and do not deviate from her because she corresponds to the natural order. Thus there are the animals who cover the female from the back like the horse, the donkey, the goat, the cattle, the deer and the remaining quadrupeds. Others touch first mouth, like adders, pigeons and weasels, - some gather only for a short time, how the sparrows. Again others sit down on the females and make them by the gravity of her weight duck, - all birds make it. Other do not unite at all, but the females collect the seeds eliminated by the little men, as for example the fish. Thus it lies in the nature of the thing that the position kind-appropriate to the person from body to body is, while they all have other from high spirits and ungovernability hinzuerfunden. In the worst of all one it is after my observation if one dreams of Fellatio by the mother, - it means to the dreaming of the death of the children, loss of his Having and good and heavy illness. I know somebody who lost his gender limb after this dream face, - quite consistently he was punished in the body part with which he had trespassed. It dreamt somebody, he hits his mother. His action manner was law-contrary, but anyhow it was to him of use because it was a potter by profession, - then we call the earth mother whom the potter works on by hitting. Consequently his work introduced in him a lot.



  • (living or late) see or speak: you will be pleased by the reunion of a friend or by a special luck, - also: Warning of rash action,
  • Li>
  • see: if promises good, or warns about him go on on ways which can be fateful,
  • Li>
  • speak: you consider a thing exactly and thus it will bring you success,
  • Li>
  • ill: you have to your mother blows done, make good it again,
  • Li>
  • dying: you will have grief and worries,
  • Li>
  • late ones see, in general: warns about Unbedachtheiten and actions which we would regret later,
  • Li>
  • late, see crying: you get a warning before the coming danger,
  • Li>
  • late, see smiling: give you no troubles, your wish comes true.

(European ones).:

  • symbol of the fertility, - one dreams of her seldom is the mental relation to her in order,
  • Li>
if one dreams of her often, insecurity rules, - the independence is not reached yet, -
  • see: if the premeaning of luck,
  • Li> has
  • own like in her domestic surroundings see dressed: points to satisfactory results for all enterprises,
  • Li>
  • kiss the own: one is successful on business and is estimated by friends and is loved,
  • Li>
  • to one hear shouting: one neglects his duties and pursues the wrong business way,
  • Li>
  • speak: a plan will succeed, - soon good news about matters very much lying with the heart receives,
  • Li>
  • hear shouting with pains: it is prophesied the illness of the mother, or it approaches one a menace,
  • Li>
  • see drained or deadly: if grief means because of death news or added disgrace,
  • Li>
  • dream of the late ones: she warns us about something,
  • Li>
  • see one which is in fear and worry about her child: there is the danger that one is affected by the misfortune of another person,
  • Li>
  • see which takes care happily and affectionately of her child: one will profit from the luck of another person,
  • Li>
  • lose which still lives: if promises consolation and hope, - one will be tormented by pangs of conscience,
  • Li>
  • have a birthmark: if Li> brings pains,
  • Dreaming a woman of her mother, her pleasant duties and honest joys approach.


  • see: do not hear on the gossip of foreign people,
  • Li>
  • late ones see: long life,
  • see dying: Grief and worries.
(See also archetypes, dragon, parents, family, navel, father)

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