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Association: - Harmony, - expression. Question: - What do I integrate just?

In general:

Music and rhythm express most internal Even of the dreaming and his connection with the life. If he hears in the dream music, this is a tip that the dreaming has the potential to produce this basic connection. Music can also symbolise a sensuous and desire-stressed experience. Music (hear or see instruments) can stand for internal harmony and balance of a uniform, in quiescent personality. However, in difficult times she often promises also consolation and allowance.


The music has in the dream as well as in the reality a strong connection with the emotional area. According to music kind the subject of the dream can be interpreted. For the dream interpretation it is important as the music on the dreaming works. i.e. how she affects his feelings and his mood. In many cultures music and rhythm are used to the production of another state of consciousness. This can be shown in the dream with hearing music. Already after Old-Egyptian interpretation the nice music which we hear in the dream heart joys allows to be reminiscent in the awake life, - shrill music against it points to possible disharmonies in the private life. Here and there the played melody admits other interpretations.


At the spiritual level music or rhythm in the dream produce the connection with the divine.



  • hear in general: stands for news and news which is from special value, - you are in love and have longing,
  • sad ones hear: are moved by painful experiences in melancholy,
  • amusing and igneous ones: View of pleasant states, cheerfulness, dance pleasure and dear luck,
  • clarifies hear: Heart joys, - harmonious time experience,
  • disagreeable, disturbing ones hear: announces incommodities,
  • make: you will fall in love with the dance, - also: an affectionate notification and debate, - also: one would not like to fall under influence under other.


  • generally this dream sign stands for news and news which is for the concerning person of special value. As a pleasantly felt music the close of incommodities prophesies harmonious times, disagreeable or annoying music.

(European ones).:

  • of an internal restlessness and mental imbalance one strives for a certain harmony,
  • clarifies hear: meant, you will receive happy news, - pleasant sociability and joy promises generally,
  • to a single: if she announces happy love,
  • discordant ones: there threatens bad, - disagreeable acquaintances or discord bring in the circle of acquaintances or circle of friends, - also: Problems with ill-behaved children and annoyance in the household,
  • even nice ones make: meant domestic luck,
  • even ugly ones make: if quarrel and quarrel brings in the domestic area.


  • hear: you find consolation in your grief.
(See also concert, grief, orchestra and single music instruments)

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