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In general:

In the dream a museum shows old-fashioned thoughts, images and ideas. Maybe the dreaming should argue once objectively with them. In a museum indicates to be enclosed that one holds responsible the past for the problems the equivalent.


A museum can stand for a place at which the dreaming stores his recollections. Hence, it is interpreted as a symbol for the subconscious, that part to which the dreaming approaches if he tries to understand who is he and where from he comes. The dream museum has many halls in which one maintains contacts with the beauty. One notices to himself the pictures or the objects which are shown to be able to interpret this as other symbols.


The past is an interesting ‹berbleibsel with which one can safely deal a certain time long. Then, however, one must turn again to the present and the future.



  • you should extend your knowledge.
  • (art collection) see: you will achieve to great success,
  • visit: you will well use your life,
  • see only from the outside: one will not be able to use a presented chance.

(European ones).:

  • see: stands for the search rich in obstacle for the position apparently right for you, - one will collect useful experiences what brings advantages compared with the usual way of the learning, - also: one will spend a large part only of the future and with a lot of rest,
  • the tasteless: multiple annoyance stands in the house,
  • are in one: one will find entrance in a human circle or an environment what will turn out for even very valuable or advantageous,
  • in such own things see: one will become estranged to an advantageous circle very important up to now or environment, - points, for the rest, quite in general to losses.

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