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Association: - small value, - insignificance. Question: - What is in my life of substantial value? Where in my life I can be deflected by insignificance?

In general:

Traditionally: a luck symbol, particularly when the coin of copper was. Then one would have to expect luck in the play and in the love. (Copper is the 'metal of the Venus'.)


Money - also in the dream. Coins are valid as a possession symbol in every conceivable variant.


Some maintain that money and coins mean all together misfortune, - after my observation small, copper coins cause discords and abusive words, silver coins against it call arrangements with contracts about important matters, golden coins about even more important ones. Always it is better to own little property and money than too much, because big wealth means worries and grief because he just as a treasure is hard to be administered. The emperor, a temple, a soldier, an imperial writing, a silver piece and similar more are signs which stand alternately for each other. Stratonikos dreamt, he kicks the emperor with feet. With the abandonment of the house he found a golden piece on which he had stepped by chance, - it made no difference whether he worked on the emperor or his picture with feet or stepped.



  • Dreaming one, he finds or gets from somebody golden coins, his subordinates and porters will prepare for him so much worry and grief as value and amount of the golden coins put out.
  • Giving someone else golden coins, he will also be deprived other portion in his bad luck.
  • Finding one one or two coins, he will look to beloved people in the eyes, - these are more than two, he lays out it as worries and plagues as was already said.
  • Seeming it one, he stamps golden pieces, he will get penal power about others, and his end will be a danger and death.
  • Finding or gets one of a known Miliaresia (basic silver coin in 1000 piece
= 1 pound of gold), will fall hard words between them.
  • Finding somebody an amount of these coins or gets them of somebody in a pot or carries away them untouched in it, it becomes according to the weight a wealth and joy erlosen.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he gives to another coined gold, he will torment him according to the present, - he gives him a Miliaresion, he will pass a hard sentence on him. Agrees to a Miliaresia of the emperor, he expects this exit for himself. If one stamps such coins, he will become a judge, if he is able of it, he has mind and mind, talking and writings write, - it is not equipped with talents, he will slander others and be cantankerous.
  • Losing one the coins which he owns he will be defeated, if he carries on a lawsuit if not, come to distress, but are soon released from her.
  • Finding of a Pholleis (standard copper coin), he will get disputes, processes and check on the neck according to their number. If somebody discovers an amount of it in a pot or gives he them to others, he will fall ill and quarrel and quarrel with friends and members have according to the number of the coins, - then Pholleis mean in general quarrel and processes.
  • see or with it work: one should well consider whether one did not like to shift a possible enterprise rather to another time,
  • own or accept: if promises an unexpected bigger monetary taking,
  • only see: one dedicates himself in a thing to big illusions and should rather remain on the ground of the facts,
  • put aside: you will spend a lot of money,
  • lend: to proceed a reminder, not too frivolously in his issues,
  • golden ones: indicate at a lot of wealth, however, not a lot of luck,
  • silver ones: Satisfaction, - may calculate on prosperity if one fulfils his duties thoroughly and conscientiously, - also: you soon celebrate a silver wedding,
  • copper ones: irritating losses, - protects you from misjudgements, - also: you are give and far comes round,
  • stamp: you strive yourself unsuccessfully to become rich,
  • clarifies old ones own: one should care to risk possession not easily,
  • hear jingling: one will experience a bad disappointment which can lie in professional like in the private area,
  • in the pocket: long life without worries,
  • stamp: you will be pressed to a payment,

(European ones).:

  • as a sexual sign to understand, above all with the women who want to sell themselves, - some other way money,
  • monetary coins see: Warning before a planned issue, a planned business or an other enterprise, - also: for the ill recovery, - for healthy better mood,
  • take: meant capital losses or property losses,
  • are economical: brings the thanks more different or unexpected advantage in a thing,
  • distribute: one should not proceed with his expenditures so frivolously,
  • foreign or foreign ones see: one will receive money or other values from a not expected side, or foreign money or assets will soon play an important role,
  • old or foreign from hobby collect: points to an employment of unusual things or to an unusual event,
  • of gold: Prosperity and pleasure are forecast by inspections and cruises,
  • of silver: negatively, - differences of opinion will appear in the best families,
  • If silver coins the favorite money are and polish the coins or belong to one, this is promising.
  • she will leave
  • Receiving a girl of her darling a silver coin, of him.
  • copper coins: if desperation and physical charges,
  • symbolise
  • nickel coins: promise to the most primitive work.


  • make: bad times come about you,
  • see: Widerwärtigkeiten.
  • golden or silver ones have: Misfortune,
  • copper ones: big luck.
  • some other way (arab).
(See also beggar, money)

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