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Association: - Food, - new behaviour patterns. Question: - What is I to be taken up in myself ready? What is I to be expressed ready?

In general:

Mouth can make clear erotic needs or stand in general for need to talk to others and contact need. Often he also symbolises the way as one takes up external impressions. Now and again he warns specifically against taking 'mouth too completely'.


Though the mouth serves for the absorption of nutrients, however, is also a communication instrument of feelings and thoughts. The kiss is to be informed an intensive form of another person his feelings. Thus the mouth in the dream is also a symbol for the respect with other people, the need for contact or for communication.



  • Dreaming of the emperors or a prince, cheeks, temples and mouth would have nicely widened, he will attain fame and honour during the war, - a my husband or a woman can count in occupation and work on a better salary. A suffering in these facial parts means the opposite of the said.
  • Seeming it the emperor, he has a suffering in the mouth, so that he neither can speak, nor eat, his treasuries will empty and the inland revenue considerably decrease, - to an easy man it prophesies a life in poverty.
  • Having one get the lock-jaw, so that he cannot eat at all, he will soon die, he is who always.
  • big: if arrogance and coarseness promises, - one should consider his words well, before one brings them over the lips, - also: one runs the risk to make too big promises to which one cannot keep, - also: watch out for lies and exaggerations of every kind,
  • smaller: if shyness and modesty,
  • promises
  • openly: you will hear something astonishing,
  • hold closed: you were too premature now you have your damage (warning dream),
  • cannot open: your life will be threatened,
  • completely have: you speak and promise too much,


  • a dream in which a mouth comes out especially often or remarkably is valid as an urgent recommendation of speaking less, but more well-thought-out as well as of listening more and better. Also the person concerned should watch out for exaggerations, because they could release a succession of disagreeable occurrences. In general the dreaming should infer from the picture that he better lives without exaggerations and lies, above all because he runs the risk, besides to believe himself and to entice to a life lie.

(European ones).:

  • like the teeth mostly as a purely sexual sign of the power with man and woman to understand,
  • the own: one should bridle his tongue,
  • pains in it have: means that one should be carefully in his speech, - in general a dream of the mouth refers to discretion,
  • to narrow ones see: signalled the coming money,
  • broader: if honour,
  • announces
  • to big ones have: you enjoy attention, - one promises to become a good speaker,
  • to big ones see: a companion get who is worth more than money,
  • see in a person a big one: one should not take mouth so completely,
  • want to open him and are not able: Illness, death danger.


  • The mouth is the house of the person which rescues everything in him located.
  • Dreaming one, his mouth has become bigger and stronger, his household will incredibly gain strength.
  • A wound or injury in the mouth prophesies to that which he has entrusted with his house, evil. If he has no house supervisor, he covers it to his wife.
  • big: Wealth will accumulate by inheritances,
  • cannot open: Death danger.
(See also thirst, bottom, hunger,' kiss ',' lips ',' human meat ',' teeth')

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