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Association: - Reverence for the past, - old wisdom. Question: - What would like I to preserve or keep in recollection? What continues in me?

In general:

The linguistic connection between mummy and mother is evident. In various regard the mother of the dreaming or his respect with her must 'die', so that he can develop and survive. A mummy in the dream can also be a symbol for the feelings of the dreaming to a dead.


Corpses became or are often embalmed to preserve them. Mummy stands looked deep-psychologically for a conservative personality which closes mind to the development, draws from experiences no conclusions and brings on, therefore, conflicts and problems. In the vision of the mummy the wish of the dreaming expresses itself to hold on something for him important, for example, a feeling or a momentary situation. However, this never succeeds because the life leads the way constantly and brings changes with itself over and over again. The more exact meaning of the mummy arises from the dream connection and the sensations of the dreaming during the dream action. An Egyptian mummy symbolises the death, but also the fact that the embalmed body is preserved after the death and cannot fall into oblivion. With it the mummy stands for the life after the death. After Old-Egyptian interpretation mummies give a long life to the dreamer.


At the spiritual level the mummy in the dream shows the unbending mother and the selfpreservation.



  • old pain still clouds your luck, - you hang on longest to past. This is bad. Direct your eyes in the future.
  • coffin: you will have long lives and luck.

(European ones).:

  • dream of one: points to a long life, - success,
  • are afraid of it: Luck,
  • see: a longest forget believed unimportant history from former times it is rolled up again.
(See also corpse)

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