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In general:

Müller asks to exert himself more to attain prosperity.


The man him the Mühlrad keeps going, signs for the functioning of the operations in the everyday life responsibly. Who sees himself in the dream or another than Müller, in the awake life that cog will be which gets going a plan from which the community profits. Only sometimes he is also the fickle who turns his flag or to remain in the picture the wheel of his mill after the wind to make itself popular.



  • see or speak: Losses approach you,
  • be: you have reached it and prosperity comes to you.

(European ones).:

  • see: New arrival to the family, - one will find a rich friend, - the circumstances will become more hopeful,
  • speak: your big sincerity brings you damage,
  • be: one will have cosy life, - with the other gender a lot of success,
  • Dreaming a woman, them sees a miller who cannot put his mill in company, the prosperity of her lover will disappoint them.


  • see: do not think that your prosperity grows by itself.
(See also wind)

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