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Garbage (rubbish)

Association: - Cleaning and cleaning out. Question: - What is I to be separated ready from?

In general:

Garbage is something of what we would like to get rid - things which we would not like to have any more or which were unterpushed to us by someone else. The dreams in which we remove rubbish ask us normally to clear out our life. The dreams in which the further creating of rubbish and junk of all kind seems are often a symbol for due cleaning out in our awake life and the 'dung' of emotional or material nature can be. One tries to find out what is meant, and gets rid of him. One remembers that though a drainpipe of only sewage and floods removes (that is that one feelings gets rid) that, however, must be done for the garbage disposal a little bit. If in the dream someone else drove the garbage to the spring, it can be that awake-I takes somebody the load or helps to get rid of them. It can also mean that one needs help, around himself from a little bit-z. B. to take time off of a setting-.


Rubbish forms in the dream a scenario which enables to the dreaming to finish all those parts of his experiences or his feelings which feel like rubbish. He must sort them and decide what he keeps and what he wants to throw away. If the dreaming collects garbage in his dream, this can point out to the fact that he looks after wrong supposition. Often it concerns with rubbish rests which originate if one prepares food. Hence, the dream can be an indirect tip to what the dreaming needs to stay healthy. But also: What one throws in the dream in the garbage can, one edges out and one would like to 'decontaminate'. Can you remember what was thrown away?


At this level rubbish in the dream can draw the attention of the dreaming to the fact that now the right time has come to decontaminate spiritual garbage.


(European ones).:

  • piles of rubbish see: points to thought about social scandals and unfavorable shops, - women will leave from the darling.
(See also rubbish, rubbish, 'garbage waste dump')

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