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In general:

A mill makes a further usable material from raw material. This quality is shown in the dream. The dreaming can make from that what he has found out in the life this what helps for him and what feeds him in every regard. Mill can embody fear of forthcoming problems which lead to a deep crisis because one must give up many internal settings and convictions, besides, - one should prepare for it on time. One interprets the clattering mill as a good wage for hard work.


If becomes a little bit ground, it comes for a change which is symbolised by the dream of a mill or a Mühlstein. It means, both Mühlsteine would symbolise the will and the mind. With it they are the tools which the dreaming needs for his own change. The constantly kept going Mühlrad points to our working will, to own self-assertion, the standing still Mühlrad symbolises tiring forces. The mill which stands in the dream under full wind mostly announces profits which are earned by personal application.


At the spiritual level the mill stands in the dream for the energy which transforms something raw into something usable.


The mill promises quick freeing from difficult and bad relations and a loyal slave.



  • Dreaming one, he owns a mill which is done by a strong donkey, points to the destiny of the person, - the donkey is strong and strong, the dreamer will have luck and blessing in his life according to his strength, however, it is a mule, laboriously fight through the life, because pathetically is the mule of nature.
  • Dreaming somebody, a willing ox turns his mill, he will make to himself a man of rank and dignity subservient and cover his living from him, - however, this face can look as a rule only one powerful figure or one, the power will gain.
  • Doing a camel or horse the mill, the dreaming with pugnacious people will fight for his maintenance and win according to the obedience of the animals, but fall also ill.
  • Pursuing somebody a water mill, he built, will make he to himself man pliant who is as mighty as the river is big, and become rich by him.
  • letting of the emperors water mills build, he will send military leader in the war whose strength resembles that of the watercourses, - the mills well work, those will be successful and be fruitless big prey from foreign countries heimbringen, if not.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, his mills have become from the watercourses sly to way there, he will get onto plots of the opponents who resemble those in size.
  • on the whole symbolises the mill the living which concerns agriculture and wealth, - everything what the person of good or bad person dreams of the mill his life and his maintenance. You still have to go zuwarten. It lasts longer than you accept, however, the success is already decided for you.
  • see: may count on a lot of luck in the future,
  • see in activity: Luck and Wohlhabenheit attain, - Li> promises quick profit,
  • the wings in the wind see turning: Signs for constant activity and possible new arrival to the family,
  • standing still: one should look more actively after his luck, - something is in falter advisably,
  • hear clattering: you concerning Clap-purely will not disconcert you,
  • hear only the rattles: one will get a job put which one can well master.

(European ones).:

  • promises luck and wealth, - not to reach striving for security, but secret fear, to the aim, - moreover, Li> stands for thrift and happy enterprises,
  • see: if a nice or advantageous experience, - improvement of the income,
  • promises
  • hear clattering: if worthwhile work and rich salary announces,
  • a radiating one: if a love affair promises,
  • see standing still: promises: if dear luck,
  • promises
  • decaying ones: if illness and misfortune prophesies.


  • Dreaming somebody, he owns a mill which grinds, he will have with his work luck and a sure maintenance win according to the strength and goodness of the Mühlsteine and the size of the place in which the mill stands.
  • this is not
  • Serving one in a foreign mill, he will find a good living with the mill owner, provided that he knows him, the case, his maintenance will be unexpectedly poor.
  • Taking to him by force his mill, he will die in poverty.
  • see: your property will receive increase.
(See also to meals, machine, water, wind)

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