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Gulls, storm divers and all the other kinds of sea birds lead seafarer in extreme danger, however, not in the death (Also the gulls and birds similar to gull were for the skippers of the antique weather prophets and herald of storms. They also play so in the superstition of the skippers a role because one saw embodiment of human souls in the antiquity as well as still today in the gulls, namely it concerns the souls of people which have had an accident on the sea.) though,-then all these birds disappear, however, do not sink into the sea. They mean the remaining person Hetären and argumentative women or robber's broad and thoughtless swindlers and people who earn her living indirectly or immediately from the sea. One will not find again the lost after this dream face, - then what the birds catch, they bolt down.


  • One expects from you help.

(European ones).:

    friedvolle negotiations with unyielding businessmen, prophesy
  • dead gulls: A division approaches friends.
(See also 'birds')

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