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In general:

The dreamer is tormented by worried thoughts and doubts the loyalty of the people being close to him. If moths eat away our clothes, points to contact difficulties and to own insecurity, as well as to quarrel and disruption of relations.


How moths umschwirren them your life light if you do not stop devastating thoughts and negative feelings from turning out. About that you should think to yourselves, if you dream more often of the moth infestation.



  • all kinds of nuisances find, - you have enemies,
  • see flying: one mocks you and your efforts, - also: is more careful in the choice of female acquaintances,
  • catch: you will do your enemies,
  • grasp in vain at it: your enemies escape your adjustments,
  • moth powder: Friends help you against your attackers,
  • moth damage: your marriage is in danger,
  • carry moth-eaten away clothes: strive for more internal firmness,

(European ones).:

    extremely injurious enemies, - care announce
  • in speech and action! also: Disputes with the dear partner or husband, - for employers a sign for lacking loyalty of his employees,
  • for men, moths see flying: one should be more careful in the choice of his female acquaintances a little,
  • carry moth-eaten away clothes: the current situation is from insecurity stamped one only by internal firmness can change.


  • your enemies want account of you.
(See also dress, vermin)

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