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Association: - Masculinity, - strength, - to itself display. Question: - How 'hot' am I? Where in my life I am ready, more manorial to appear?

In general:

A sign for strength and energy. They pursue your aims with big self-assertion. However, the motorcycle is maybe difficult to steer and to hold under control. They must show a lot of discipline, so that you do not cross others or even themselves in danger bring by uncontrolled, official behaviour.


The motorcycle is like the horse or car means to the locomotion on the life trip and though symbolises like the car the own I which it is a matter to restrain, however, warns at the same time against wasting too much psychic energy and driving force in the awake life. It embodies even stronger than the dream symbol of the car the mental energy of the dreaming. In dreams of youngsters this picture often appears as a symbol for sexual power. If somebody goes on the partner who clings to the dreamer, can point to a person in the awake life whom one would like to tie up with pleasure in himself.



  • esteem for danger and injury.

(European ones).:

  • see: announced a nice excursion from which only the recollection remains - one will keep track in respect questions,
  • go: announced a nice excursion which will have results,
  • somebody with go observe: meant stagnation and develop other professionally and personally.
(See also car, horse, trip)

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