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In general:

Mosaic symbolises the variety of the personality which exists of different facets, - then the mosaic can work uniformly and nicely, conspicuously, unharmonious or in fragments what points to suitable qualities and problems. Now and then the mosaic also announces a favourable trend in several areas of life at the same time. Every complicated pattern which plays a role in the dream symbolises the pattern which weaves the life. Maybe the dream is meant as a suggestion for the dreaming to think once about the life as a whole, but to understand also his many different parts and to respect.


Who sees it in the dream or composes, is probably confronted in the life everyday life with complicated things which one must build up little stone for little stone to reach something. A mosaic which is composed from many small parts shows a deliberate act of the creation. If such a symbol appears in the dream, it draws the attention of the dreaming to his abilities as a creator. The colours and forms of the Mosaiks could matter.


The mosaic of the life with his many facets is a powerful spiritual symbol.



  • see: you will experience all kinds of beauty if one brings order in his thoughts, - one day Your quiet, modest creating has great success and recognition.

(European ones).:

  • see: if the employment of a complicated matter tells in,
  • produce: complications will originate from own behaviour.


  • different things will well develop.
(See also colours, geometrical figures)

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